ALTER IURIS has the resources to provide its clients with a wide range of legal services, in particular in the following practice areas:

Practise areas

Within its practice areas ALTER IURIS operates as a consortium with a view to adding value to the clients´ business, and with a view to ensuring that its clients benefit from its skills, experience and expertise, extended by the services of experts from partner international law firms, tax advisors and any other professionals as necessary.


ALTER IURIS specialises in legal advisory services in the field of company law, comprising all aspects, such as the formation of companies and their incorporation in companies registers, their internal rules and regulations (general meetings, transfers of equity interests/shares, amendments to memoranda of association/ articles of association, drafting their corporate rules of organisation and the rules of procedure), including the legislative conditions and requirements which govern and regulate business activities andinvestments by foreign entities in the Slovak Republic.

ALTER IURIS has participated in a number projects concerning the formation of commercial businesses and changes therein, so being for both domestic and international clients.


ALTER IURIS also provides services in the area of securities, insurance industry, investment funds and companies, securities portfolio management and related services.

ALTER IURIS offers a whole pack of services in the above-mentioned practice areas, including detailed legal analyses of existing problems, gathering of experts’ opinions, preparation of contracts, up to assuring the runningof financial companies from the legal point of view.

ALTER IURIS is most willing to provide its clients with the maximum range of services connected with the aforementioned issues, in particular with:

  • Drawing up of loan and other banking contracts (including different types of syndicate borrowings),
  • Arrangement of transfers of securities,
  • Issues of securities and securities brokerage,
  • Securities portfolio management,
  • Management of financial companies,
  • Foreign exchange operations and derivatives.


Bearing in mind the continuously developing dynamics of the so-called IT sector, ALTER IURIS is also committed to the supply of legal services in the specific area of communications and IT law.

In this respect, ALTER IURIS is ready to provide for and to render following services to its clients:

  • Registration, acquisition, transfer and protection of Internet domains,
  • Facilitation services with a view to obtaining necessary telecommunication approvals, authorisations and licences from competent Slovak authorities,
  • Drawing up business terms and conditions for the provision of selected telecommunication services,
  • Making legal analyses of the capabilityof telecommunication corporations to conduct business in compliance with the applicable Slovak legal rules.


ALTER IURIS has a great depth of experience in the field of copyright and intellectual property rights, as well as in their application in the international context, in particular:

  • Copyright and related rights (copyright protection and enforcement),
  • Designs and trademarks,
  • Marking of the origin of products,
  • Licences,
  • Protection against unfair competition concerning intellectual property rights.


ALTER IURIS provides a wide range of legal services through consultations, which may subsequently give rise to our clients´ obligations under various contracts and agreements. It goes without saying that one of the ALTER IURIS partners is always ready to participate in negotiations related to the conclusion of contracts.


Within this practice area, ALTER IURIS provides its clients with a comprehensive assessment of a particular obligation, with the subsequent drafting and elaboration of individual contracts in all areas of commercial, civil and labour law, including specific disciplines of the law, such as:


  • All kinds of commercial contracts,
  • Liens and easements,
  • Leasing,
  • Protection of confidential information,
  • Trade secrets,
  • Protection of fair competition,
  • Sponsorship,
  • Advertising law (full range of services for the advertising agencies and media),
  • Unfair competition, right to privacy.


Speaking in terms of unfair competition and advertising law, ALTER IURIS provides its clients with services and representation concerning:


  • Personality rights protection,
  • Protection of corporate goodwill and reputation,
  • Unfair competition (deceptive advertising and labelling of services and goods, trade secret disclosure, etc.).


legal services in the area of ​​the right of residence of foreigners, especially in the area of ​​temporary, permanent, long-term residence of foreigners, including legal assistance in the preparation and provision of the necessary documentation for specific applications for foreigners, visa legal services, communication and representation in proceedings before administrative authorities (Foreign Police Department)


ALTER IURIS provides its clients with legal assistance in dispute resolution and settlement. This primarily comprises representation of clients before courts of law and before arbitrators,as well as filing petitions on behalf of our clients, preparation of necessary documents, etc. ALTER IURIS provides for legal assistance in the applicable domestic law, with a special focus on disputes concerning:

  • Commercial contracts, including debt collection,
  • Commercial corporations, including shareholders’ petitions,
  • Bankruptcy and composition.


At the client´s request, ALTER IURIS will examine operations and management of target companies, and verify other material facts concerning their legal standing to the extent specified by the client.

An integrated team of ALTER IURIS lawyers, with additional support of experts from other areas, is a guarantee of prompt and detailed due diligence to the extent specified by the client.


Due diligence reports prepared by ALTER IURIS deal with various legal issues with a view to clarifying legal position and standing of a particular target company that the client should be aware of. Conclusions contained in these reports are usually important for assessing the company´s position, and for carrying out its business in accordance with the applicable Slovak legal rules.


ALTER IURIS is also involved in the debt collection and administration of all paperwork and agenda related to the collection of debts owed to our clients by their debtors.


In this respect ALTER IURIS uses all standard approaches and methods aimed at collection of debts from the client’s debtors. It takes all necessary measures within the framework of lawsuits concerning the debt collection.


ALTER IURIS provides specialist advice on real estate acquisitions to individuals and/or legal entities, and acts as an agent or factor in transacting the sale, purchase or rent of all types of real estate. It also provides legal services as necessary.

At the clients´ request ALTER IURIS will offer the best options for solutions to the sale, purchase or rent of real estate, including necessary legal services and preparation of contracts.